Friday, September 10, 2010

The Incredible Musings of the One and Only, Dr. Tom Hanks.

     As is the only appropriate way to start a post about this man, greetings colleague. This post serves no more purpose really than to shower the great Tom Hanks in praise. To the disappointment of all you Toy Story fans out there, no, not Woody. If I knew the legit Tom Hanks, I would be not here in this podunk little town called Waco, I'd be out partyin' with Tom Hanks. However, I am pleased to report, this Tom Hanks is probably just as awesome.
     The Tom Hanks of which I speak is the World Cultures prof whom freshman BICers come to love and dread equally. The love: the man is awesome personified. From the beastly bow ties, right down to his favorite name for all those he does not know, which is curiously reminiscent of communism, Dr. Hanks, or Dr. Tom Hanks, as I prefer to recognize him as, is a true hero in the world of the weary college student. 
     Until he conducts a class, that is. Then all bets are off. Aside from the use of the word 'colleague', Dr. Tom Hanks also enjoys watching people squirm in their chairs when he calls on them. Randomly. Whenever you accidentally slept through the time that had been your only chance to read an assignment, it can get pretty dicey. 
     However, it cannot be denied that the man practices sacrifice with a particular sense of style. It is unclear whether it is the witty description that descends upon the helpless victim, or perhaps the simple fact of who it is, the dread is soon forgotten. By those who are not offered up for slaughter that is. Those unfortunate souls, unless they are truly prepared, are soon thrown into a state of chaos and terror. But, of course, who cares? So long as it's not me, right?
      But even despite the ever existent fear that accompanies a lecture with him, Dr. Tom Hanks certainly turns learning into a completely unique, fun experience, exponentially more exciting than sitting in a classroom, listening to a teacher drone about the Mayans and where they went. I am also happy to report that this applies to all of the BIC professors that I have had the pleasure to have teach to me. Well, almost all. Names shall not be named, but...ya know. Always the odd one. But anywho, I chose simply to expound upon Dr. Tom Hanks because, for God's sake, his name is Tom Hanks! That pretty much says it all! 
     Ah, but I digress. Well, anyways, to all you BICers out there, I look forward to sharing more of what are guaranteed to be memorable Dr. Tom Hankisms with you. If you're not in to be you. You're missing out. 

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